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chocolate fountain hire & handmade chocolates

 Do you cater to specific colour themes?
Yes, chocolate, candies, sweets, table decorations can all be coloured to match your theme or event. We can provide further information to your enquiry via email or quote.  back to top

 Set-up, Pack-up and Clean-Up Times?
Set-up and Pack-up times average to about an hour, but will be dependent on hire package selected and ease of access to venue location. Set-up, pack-up times are not inclusive in the 3 Hours Chocolate Attendant. A Basic clean-up of equipment is done during pack-up, but major clean is done away from your event to avoid any disruptions.  back to top

 What information do you require from me?
All information that we require can be found on the order form. Other than your personal details other important information that assists us include - date of event, event type, venue and address location, contact details of venue, name of event planner or co-ordinator.   back to top

 How do I secure my date?
After receiving your quote from us, a $100.00 deposit within 7 days of inquiry will secure your date and booking.  back to top

 What are your Chocolate Fountain Hire Costs?
All Chocolate Fountain Hire Package costs can be found on this website under Fountain Packages. But we will be more than happy to email you details and quotes.  back to top

 What is included in the add on simple lolly bar?
this includes 10 jars of your favorite lollies,themed to your favorite colors or the color of your event. some products may incur an additional fee   back to top

 When does the 3 hour hire actually start?
The 3 hour hire starts immediately after set up of the fountain. For example, if you do not want the fountain until 8pm, we will arrive around 6:30pm to set up. An additional cost of hire at $40 per hour   back to top

 I would like the set up for when my guests arrive but dont want to use it until dessert?
Thats fine. We are able to extend your hire at an additional fee of $40 per hour.   back to top